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the Ideal Companion
Discover the seamless process of converting concepts into concrete, actionable plans with Archie’s advanced AI technology.
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Generate your
free Digital Blueprint

Enter a simple prompt describing your idea and Archie will generate a free Blueprint of your software application’s design.

Cure Writer's Block

Simply describe your idea in a sentence or two and Archie will immediately begin providing insight into what needs to be built.

Rapid Conceptualization

The Blueprint significantly accelerates the transition from idea to a tangible design concept.

Data-Driven Assessment

Archie will provide an initial assessment of your idea from a few different perspectives.

Enhanced Creativity

Archie will detect things you may not have thought of and make suggestions to enhance the value and soundness of your project.

Socialize Your Idea

Share your Blueprint with your early stakeholders to gather additional insights and support (optional).

Leverage AI to
expand your idea 

Leverage AI and decades of software design experience encoded in Archie to expand your idea into a detailed set of functional and technical plans.

Leverage the Power of Multiple LLMs

Behind the scenes, Archie harnesses the power of multiple large language models (LLMs), each specializing in different parts of the product lifecycle.

Focus on Creativity, not Prompt Engineering

Archie orchestrates hundreds of purposeful calls to AI APIs to achieved your desired result. This makes your process intelligent, fast and incredibly pain-free and allows you to be creative rather than a prompt-jockey.

Be More Thorough

The biggest problems with software projects come from poor specifications, designs and communication. Archie allows you to specify your project more thoroughly than previously feasible. This makes for a happy project team and ensures your product is built correctly on the first try.

See Around Corners

Let Archie tell you about compliance, security and other concerns you may not have expertise in.

Be Better Prepared to Solicit Development Proposals

If you need an external team to build your product, you will be incredibly prepared to communicate your requirements and make discussions fast and easy.

Professional Assistance
Work on your own or with one of our talented product designers.
We’re happy to help you jumpstart your project via an online session.
Expert Support and Insight
Archie's product designers bring a wealth of experience and expertise. In addition to supporting you on the use of Archie, they can provide valuable insights into industry trends, design best practices, and technical feasibility.
Building Confidence
Receiving expert validation and guidance can build confidence in your project.
Enhanced Creativity
Collaborating with an Archie product designer can spark new ideas or approaches, enhancing the creative process, leading to a more unique and competitive product design.
Accelerated Progress
With expert advice and clear direction, you can move forward more quickly, reducing the time from concept to realization.
Strategic Planning
Archie’s product designers can assist in mapping out a strategic plan for the development of the idea, which is crucial for turning concepts into actionable projects.
Risk Identification
An experienced product designer can foresee potential risks or obstacles in your plan and suggest preemptive measures, saving time and resources down the line.
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